Salneo High Energy

“Salnéo High Energy” is a hydro recovery supplement largely developed for top sportsmen and women to include in their intensive training programmes and periods of competition.
Its specific formulation, rich in mineral salts and seaweed, supplies the body with the energising elements which are vital for sportsmen and women both during and after exertion. Taking “Salnéo High Energy” baths during periods of active recharging or physical preparation enables the stress of training to be borne more easily.
Taking “Salnéo High Energy” baths after matches enhances recovery.

Why is it so important to manage the recovery of sportsmen and women ?

Physical effort always causes a state of fatigue. Managing the periods of training and recovery means that performance can be optimised. Therefore training must not be overdone and some time must be kept aside for muscular and mental recovery.

Why does taking seawater baths help the body to recover ?

The ocean is the source of life and is an immense reservoir of energy. Of all thermal waters, it is the most balanced.
There is a physiological similarity between seawater and blood plasma.
As we originally came from the sea, by returning to it we regain a certain balance which has been temporarily lost. The water of the ocean is a solution containing all the mineral salts and oligo-elements necessary for life; it is particularly rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine and oligo-elements. This vital energy can be found in marine salts.

“Salnéo High Energy” has many effects on the body:

>It enhances glandular function (the pituitary and thyroid glands, the suprarenals ...)
>It preserves muscle tone and elasticity
>It stimulates the exchange and metabolism of protides, glucides, lipids, calcium and phosphorus.
>It keeps joints in good condition: the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles ...
>It keeps connective tissue in good condition
>It stimulates the circulation of the blood

Is the temperature of a “Salnéo High Energy” bath important ?

> Cold baths, 9 to 17°C, have a stimulating action. They cause vasoconstriction of the capillaries in the skin, accompanied by a visodilation of all the deep lying organs.

> Baths heated to 32 to 35°C allow oligo-elements and mineral salts to penetrate the body. They rehydrate and make up for any ionic deficiencies.

> For this type of bath, heat causes the capillary vessels to dilate, which leads to an intensification of the blood flow. Consequently the increase in cellular metabolism ensures better redistribution of oxygen in the body. The temperature also enhances the penetration of the chemical marine elements, known as mineralisation.

VitaOcean researchers recommend a programme of warm baths for optimum use of “Salnéo High Energy” in order to enhance:

- The warming of muscular masses
- Anti-inflammatory action
- The reduction in muscle cramps due to the penetration of potassium and magnesium ions
- The sedative effect on pain, linked to temperature
- The mineralisation effect on bone tissue due to the penetration of calcium ions.

> Hot baths, at 38°C, dilate the blood vessels, mainly the capillaries, and accelerate the penetration of ions.

Is one bath sufficient for you to feel the effects of Salnéotherapy ?

Scientific studies prove that the effects can already be felt after the first bath. However if you follow a programme of several baths the effects manifest themselves more strongly after each bath. A programme of 3 baths per week is recommended to optimise the effects of “Salnéo High Energy”.

- 15%* muscle flexibility
- 30%* extra tonus (after 5 baths)
- Several solutions exist to give you the benefits of the Salnéothérapie
- Salneo High Energy > 8kg
- Salneo Vitality Bath > 3 x 300g
- Salneo Vitality Program > 2kg
- Salneo Ocean Bath > 25kg
- Salneo Solebad > 25kg

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