Salneo Solebad®

Why ?

Complex mixture of salts and trace elements which allows the reconstitution of the conditions found in warm-water, landlocked seas. Those seas in which there are practically no marine currents, which have high levels of evaporation due to the effect of winds and warmth, possess exceptional levels of salinity.

When ?

This is a product reserved for professional use: small swimming pools and relaxation baths.

How ?

  • Well being and comfort
  • Enhances your skin, making it more supple, smoother, silkier and less dry
  • Destresses you, relaxes you, recharges your batteries
  • Eases muscular pain, relaxes the joints
  • Eases tired and swollen feet
  • Helps you to combat other skin afflictions

  • Packaged in lots of 25kg (1 dose for 350 litres of water)

    to reconstitute the salinity : 70g per litre.

    100% natural product, unperfumed and low-lather.