Salneo Ocean Bath®

Why ?

Complex mixture of salts and trace elements which allows the reconstitution of the conditions found in seawater. Salneo Ocean Bath® is 15 to 20 times richer in active products than the all other saltwater bath salts currently available. The most spectacular consequence of the salt density of Salneo Ocean Bath® is its floatation properties. But the real benefit of Salneo Ocean Bath® is more essential still.

When ?

This is a product reserved for professional use: saltwater swimming pools, hydrotherapy baths or spas.

How ?

  • A feeling of vitality
  • Dynamism
  • A feeling of freshness
  • Comfort and well being
  • An impression of floating
  • Softness
  • Balance

  • Packaged in lots of 25kg (1 dose for 750 litres of water)

    to reconstitute the salinity of seawater: 35g per litre.

    100% natural product, unperfumed and low-lather.