The Origin Of Our Mastery Of Salt

It was in 1964 that the Company specialised in the reconstitution of sea salt was created in order to supply researchers into aquatic environments. The success and importance of the market allowed the Company to launch its first commercial product.
In 1983 the development of the European market justified the creation of a production and sales unit. It was in this way that the Company became the principal supplier of both the domestic and international markets. Convinced that the contribution of mineral salts and trace elements contained in seawater is beneficial to our body, Alain BERTSCHY decided in 1995 to become involved in the reconstitution of seawater in order to facilitate access to its beneficial effects at home.

Well-being from the Ocean

In 1995, on the border between Alsace and Lorraine, in the foothills of the Vosges mountains, he succeeded in manufacturing seawater for the Well-being of Mankind and created the VitaOcéan Centre for Research into Salneotherapy. We can now take advantage of the beneficial effects of the Ocean at a treatment centre as we can at home: everywhere where one would never have dreamed of being able to make the most of them! This unique revitalisation technique using mineral salts is the starting point for the VitaOcéan adventure. Because many are those who have already succumbed to a ground-breaking new procedure, Salneotherapy, VitaOcéan draws its 100% natural active components from the Sea to use them in the formulation of its new treatments. Each day, we try to innovate to offer you ever more products based on natural marine substances for the skin's Well-being and respect for the environment.

The blood plasma in which our cells bathe has the same composition as seawater. The transmission to the organism of the active elements in water enriched with salt therefore occurs quite naturally. The water is a concentrate of more than twenty trace elements essential to cell function.